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  Layali Webzine Feature
June 2015
  Azizah Magazine Web Feature
March 2015
  Perspektif (German-based Turkish Magazine)
March 2015
  CCTV Full Frame Feature
August 2014
  “Love InshaAllah” Blog - Featured Artist
January 2014
  “Hijabtrendz” Blog - Featured Artist
January 2014
  “Living the Life” TV Series
November 2013
  The London Link Magazine - Interview
Celebrating Mothers Issue 2013
  Muslim Heroes
June 2013
  Art and Activism
February 2013
  Elevate Culture Interview
June 2013
  RAW April Showcase
May 2012
  ArtBeat Column Publication
March 2014
  Int'l Women's Day Panel
March 2014
  Ahlan Art Feature
February 2014
  Faith in Action Panel
February 2014
  ArtBeat Column Publication
January 2014
  MOCAFest London
November 2013
  Guidance Residential
March 2013
  The SIFR Collaboration
September 2012
  CBS DC Local Feature
July 2012
  Uncommon Goods Contest
June 2012
  The Artful Muslimah
April 2012
  WISE Feature
December 2011
  Islamic Arts Magazine
September 2011
  Islamic Horizons
September 2011
  East City Art Feature
September 2011
  Washington Post
August 2011
  AltMuslimah Publication
June 2011
  We the People
May 2011
  Yes! Magazine Feature
September 2010
  Young Muslims Blog Feature
July 2010
  International Muslim Artists Exhibition
March 2010
  Inconia Faith Art Feature
May 2009
  Cumberland Times Newspaper
December 2009
  US Embassy Feature
April 2007